About Us

Real Estate Solutions in Today's Technology World 

Hagen Realty Group realizes that every client is different.  They are looking for a relationship with a professional who listens to their needs and goals. Today's real estate transaction is quite different than the way your grandparents bought and sold real estate. Today's buyers expect 24/7 access to information and the sellers expect communication. Hagen Realty Group has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 24 years and understands "Selling with Innovative Technology and Communication" to meet today’s needs of both buyers and sellers. By utilizing an online bidding platform, we are creating Happy Buyers and Sellers! We are not your traditional listing real estate company.

Our Goal - To get your property sold and closed in 90 days or less

Headquartered in Metropolitan Atlanta, Hagen Realty Group has sold tens of thousands of properties throughout the United States and has a team of professional advisors who understand that each client's needs are different.  Our job is to maximize value through creating competition for your property using the most up to date marketing and technology tools. 

When Selling Real Estate, What's Right for You?